Netflix Gratis

Among the many comments on the platforms appearance Free Netflix accounts, included questions about how to unsubscribe, delete the account, or disconnect it from your profile payment information, we had to give, even if you wanted to use the Netflix only a month free. On the first question, namely how to unsubscribe, we answered some time ago (you’ll learn about it by clicking here), now it’s time for another Netflix account free.

Unfortunately, the resignation of Netflix free account is much more difficult than we thought. Interestingly, the creators of the platform does not consider it necessary or required to allow such options to visitors. Yes, you can cancel your subscription, that will not be credited to your account any payment, but you can not delete the account yourself. It is simply suspended Netflix password. The only option is to re-activate the subscription. Such information received from support team Netflix, when unproductive searching the site and the belief that option is simply a little, I decided to write to the same source.

So if we can not delete your account, and unplug the payment information, whether someone can do it for us? Of course, our request Free Netflix account and password could be dealt with and someone on our behalf may remove our account Netflix. If you want to permanently opt out of having an account in the platform and thus remove the information about payments, should write an email to with a request to delete your account. Of course we must remember to include your e-mail address, which is assigned to our profile in Netflix gratis.

Such a practice platform is quite obvious, although not raise my sympathy. Few who probably will want to look for information about how to completely remove an account. After the unsuccessful search for the desired option, most probably wave a hand at everything and forget about the case. A activate with one click subscription is much faster and easier than re-creating an account, before the foundation of which we consider twice Netflix accounts if you really want it to.

I hope that – as I assured my interlocutor, employee Free Netflix account – proposal to introduce the possibility of removing the user account will be considered and possibly implemented in life. Although in truth, I do not believe it. Netflix it just does not pay.